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Online Company Store Program That’s Easy To Use

Simplified Ordering Portal, Timely Fulfillment, Accurate Reporting

Balancing your own job while also managing your company’s uniform or branded merchandise program can be a troublesome and difficult task. Whether it’s coordinating production & shipping of branded products, tracking inventory, handling employee inquiries, and processing exchanges — your valuable time quickly disappears and you are kept from focusing on what needs to get done: your job!





  • Shrinking core responsibilities to fill internal requests for materials
  • Inaccurate inventory numbers for branded materials & uniforms
  • Team members stuck dealing with checks or payroll deductions for extra uniforms
  • Difficulty handling and keeping track of exchanges and returns
  • Large amounts of time spent at the post office sending packages
  • Inability to accurately track when orders are delivered.
  • A supply closet full of branded swag, marketing materials, & uniforms
  • Managing employee recognition programs when that’s not your core responsibility



How Accent Branding’s Online Company Store Program Can Help


Accent Branding helps businesses manage their internal merchandise, uniforms, and marketing materials. Since 2005, our online company stores have made managing merchandise programs easier. We also offer dedicated account managers to assist you with your needs as we supply your company with high-quality branded merchandise, uniforms, and marketing materials.





  • Simple, easy-to-use ordering system
  • Personalized storefront with your company name & logo
  • Order fulfillment customizable shipping options
  • Product warehousing
  • Allowances/Stipend Management
  • Online reporting of inventory, order tracking, etc.
  • Inventory management assistance and reorder notifications
  • Samples available before purchasing



Working With Accent Branding

“Accent Branding and its owner Todd Gilson provided a wide range of services and products to my department at Colorado State University (CSU), including logo apparel, promotional products, and overall brand and campaign strategy. Their customer service, commitment to providing quality products at reasonable prices, handling challenges, and meeting deadlines are unparalleled.

CSU (Colorado State University)

Inventory Warehousing & Timely Fulfillment

We provide warehousing & fulfillment services so you no longer have to sacrifice precious storage space, waste time standing in line at the post office, and wonder when the packages you sent will arrive. Our online store allows you to customize where and when products ship as part of our timely fulfillment


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Simplified Ordering Portal

Our ordering portal is user-friendly and makes it easy for employees and customers alike to make purchases, returns, and exchanges.

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Accurate Reporting Software

Our easy-to-understand reporting software will accurately inform you about your inventory numbers and alert you when you need to re-up. You’ll never be caught off-guard when you need new uniforms or trade-show materials and can save time by not updating a plethora of spreadsheets.

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