Inventory Warehousing & Timely Fulfillment

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Accent Branding provides secure in-house inventory warehousing for all branded products, uniforms, and marketing materials associated with our online company stores. We’ll alert you through our regular audits when your inventory numbers are running low and in need of restocking. In addition, we prioritize immediate shipping, meaning once you request items to be shipped we’ll send them out immediately.


padlockSecure Warehousing

Our warehouse is equipped with state-of-the-art security measures to help keep your stock safe


Monthly Inventory checks

Monthly inventory checks to ensure that nothing is lost or missing from your inventory.


Customized Fulfillment Plan

Dictate when and where you need your materials to arrive in our timely fulfillment process

package delivery

Receive Your Materials On-Time

Get your materials on time for when you need them the most

Working With Accent Branding

“Accent Branding and its owner Todd Gilson provided a wide range of services and products to my department at Colorado State University (CSU), including logo apparel, promotional products, and overall brand and campaign strategy. Their customer service, commitment to providing quality products at reasonable prices, handling challenges, and meeting deadlines are unparalleled.

CSU (Colorado State University)

In-House Inventory Warehousing

When tasked with managing a company’s uniform, material, or branded merchandise program one of the first questions you may ask is where you’re going to put it all. Maybe it’s all being stored in the supply closet; perhaps in your office? Maybe you have a 3rd party warehousing company that you have to request over and over again for the materials you need.

Keeping everything stored can be a pain, plain and simple.

At Accent Branding, we have our own in-house warehouse and fulfillment center where we can store your uniforms, materials, and branded products.

We’ll treat your inventory as our own in our secure warehousing facility. We also conduct monthly physical inventory counts to make sure that nothing is missing from your stock and keep our facility neatly organized so when the time comes for you to pull from your inventory, we’ll have it shipped out immediately!

Timely Fulfillment

Need your materials in a month, week, or a few days from now? No problem! With our timely fulfillment process, we can ship out your branded products, uniforms, or marketing materials and have them arrive when you need them the most.

Our process details listening to your concerns and needs from a business perspective. We’ll use the delivery service you request in addition to having products arrive at the destination you need to be delivered at. This is especially crucial if you have employees working from home and need them to receive an employee welcome kit or materials to bring on the next trade show circuit. We make sure you get everything you need to be successful!

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Contact us today to see if Accent Branding could be the partner to help you create an online shopping portal for the employees (and clients, and whoever you want, really). We can warehouse your company’s branded apparel, help you manage inventory, and create a simple online shopping experience with employee allowances and more.


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