The Importance of Creating Brand Identity for Small Business

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Entrepreneurial endeavors, companies in an early stage of growth, and small, family businesses alike all share a common challenge: they are going up against corporations with extensive resource and personnel advantages. But despite a company’s size, brand identity has the power to level the playing field. Brand identities are unique, tell a different story for every business, and help grow a following of loyal customers. 

The importance of creating a strong brand identity for small businesses, therefore, cannot be understated. Unfortunately, with a small business’s limited resources and employees, creating and harnessing an effective brand identity is difficult to achieve, but by understanding brand identity at its core and how to develop it, you can start reaping the benefits as well. 

At Accent Branding, we’ve helped numerous businesses realize their brand’s potential – what follows is a comprehensive guide to the importance of brand identity for small businesses, including tips on how to start right away. 

What is Brand Identity? 

As a small business, your brand is your most powerful asset — the golden thread that runs through every part of your business.

Brand identity is the unique characteristics that influence a brand’s perceived personality, appearance, and behavior in relationship to its customer base and the wider society. Brand identity includes a visual dynamic, but it is about far more than aesthetics. It’s the culmination of how your brand looks, feels and speaks to customers, influencing the entire customer experience. So, it needs to be consistent and, most importantly, authentic.

Your branding should create a distinct and memorable personality for your company through a combination of elements (think logo design, color palette, tone of voice and messaging) — all working in harmony to create an overall impression of your brand.

The Importance of Brand Identity for Small Business

Brand identity is arguably of high importance for businesses of all sizes, but small businesses particularly need to leverage brand identity to their advantage. First and foremost, your branding is what makes your business recognizable. Small businesses cannot simply rely on the breadth of storefronts and a far reach; they need an identity that builds familiarity, trust, and recognition among those customers the brand is able to reach.

Small businesses can benefit from the following advantages of investing in a strong brand identity: 

Trust and Credibility

As a small business, building trust and credibility with your audience should be an important part of your strategy. You don’t have the luxury of being a big household name, and the chances are you haven’t built up a strong reputation with your audience yet.

That’s where branding comes in. Creating a brand that reflects what you stand for, what you do, and why you’re different from your competitors helps to build trust with your audience. When customers interact with your products, services, and employees, brand identity presents a unified and cohesive feel that drives credibility. 


Your branding is what makes your business recognizable. So, creating a unique identity for your brand and consistently using your branding across your website and marketing channels will help increase your brand awareness and recognition; and a brand that feels familiar and recognizable is a brand that’s more likely to attract customers and build brand loyalty. 

Stand Out 

When you’re surrounded by a sea of competition, with competitors offering similar or the same things that you do, your brand identity helps you stand out and differentiate your brand from the rest.

Emotional Connection

Getting consumers to connect with your business on a deep, personal level is the true reflection of a well-built brand. Showcasing how your products or services can meet the customer’s needs by highlighting your unique selling point and company values can go a long way in fostering brand loyalty, ultimately leading to brand longevity.

Long-term Growth

Investing in branding is an investment in the long-term growth and success of your small business. A strong brand creates a solid foundation for future expansion, allowing you to explore new markets, launch new products or services, and attract strategic partnerships or collaborations.

Tips for Creating Great Small Business Brand Identity

It can be difficult for small businesses to navigate the creation and maintenance of a strong brand identity, but here we provide a few tips to get you started: 

1. Consider All Branding Components

There’s a lot that goes into creating a great brand, but you’ll need to nail down brand values (what your brand stands for and why), brand messaging (consistent website & social messaging with your tone of voice and personality), brand differentiation (what makes your brand different from your main competitors), brand experience (the impression/feeling your audience gets when they interact with your brand across different platforms). 

2. Do Your Research 

Research is an essential part of any branding strategy. Without it, how can you know what resonates with your audience? What matters to them when it comes to branding? And what branding trends should you be following? Be sure to conduct market, customer, brand positioning, and design and visual research to create the best possible brand identity. 

3. Be Comprehensive

Finally, don’t forget to be comprehensive with how you leverage your brand. Be sure to extend it to all facets of your business, whether it is your website, social media, company merchandise, or even employee uniforms. The goal should be to present a unified and fully-realized brand identity, so consider which ways customers may come to interact with your brand, and be sure that your branding is there to represent your company’s identity. 

Elevate Your Brand Identity

Investing in brand identity is incredibly worthwhile for small businesses, but its nuances can be difficult for some owners and managers who already have so many other demands on their time. At Accent Branding, we have helped numerous businesses realize their brand identity’s potential. If your business could benefit from enhanced brand identity, particularly through online company stores, branded products and apparel, employee uniform management, or printing services, don’t hesitate to contact the expert brand identity specialists at Accent Branding!

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