Should My Employees Wear Uniforms?

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There are plenty of businesses that require a uniform; there are also a fair amount of businesses that don’t require their employees to wear uniforms. Are you in the midst of deciding what’s best for your team? 


Well, there are pros and cons to employee uniforms. We want to address all of them with you so you can decide whether or not uniforms are the way to go.


The decision you land on will significantly affect your business and the people you employ. Before you settle on a choice, be sure to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of uniforms. Read on to learn more.

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Benefits of Employee Uniforms 

There’s a reason why so many companies choose to instate a uniform policy. There are plenty of benefits for both employers and employees. Here are some of the pros of employee uniforms:

For Employers 

  • Uniforms are an excellent way to improve your customer experience. Matching attire will not only make your team look good, but it will also help your customers find them in a crowd. This can improve response times. 


  • People are simply accustomed to uniforms. They enjoy seeing a cohesive-looking team. It bolsters brand awareness as a subtle yet highly effective advertising method. 


  • This brand awareness can even extend outside of work hours. If your employees are out and about in their uniform, it provides another reminder to potential customers in your area. People will start to recognize your company’s colors and logos which can help you gain credibility and trust. 


  • If you work in the food industry or tech manufacturing, sanitation is a vital consideration. Uniforms can prevent cross-contamination and reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. Of course, you’ll need to make sure your employees don’t change until they are at work for optimal cleanliness. 


  • Uniforms make it easy to spot who should and shouldn’t be in a secure area. If someone does happen to end up in an area they shouldn’t be in, you’ll be able to notice them and usher them out a lot quicker than if you didn’t have employee uniforms. 

For Employees 

  • Added safety can be a major benefit of uniforms and even a necessity in certain industries. Uniforms can prevent injury on the job. For instance, a construction worker will be safer with a reflective vest and helmet. Non-slip shoes, personal protective equipment, and steel-toes boots are some other examples of safety-forward uniform options. 


  • Uniforms can cultivate a sense of employee unity and camaraderie. When you’re dressed the same, the playing field naturally evens out. An employee can find a sense of community with their co-workers. 


  • It can be difficult to maintain your desired company dress code if employees wear their own clothes. This puts you as a business owner in an awkward position. You might need to make judgment calls on what is and isn’t appropriate. Uniforms help you and your employee avoid uncomfortable conversations about what they can and can’t wear to work


  • Working certain jobs can be hard on clothing. This might mean buying more clothes more often which can get pricey. Uniforms spare an employee’s own clothes from getting damaged. No need to fork out mountains of their own money just to work.

Considerations to Keep in Mind About Employee Uniforms 

Getting an employee uniform program rolling can be easier said than done. Once it is up and running, there are quite a few pain points that will emerge along the way – especially once your business begins to expand. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when deciding if employee uniforms are for you:


  • Uniforms aren’t always an affordable investment. You’re likely on a thin budget if you’re running a small to medium-sized business. Adding the expense of employee uniforms into the mix can be costly, especially if you don’t choose the right uniform program.


  • You can’t snap your fingers and have the perfect employee uniform at your disposal – there is a design process involved. You have to create a stylish, practical, and noticeable uniform. This isn’t always an intuitive, easy process. You might even need to hire outside help. 


  • Growing your business is exciting. But scaling your uniform program along with the business can be tricky. You’ll need to keep track of a larger inventory and replenish it when your stock is too low. There’s also the issue of distributing these uniforms to your various locations. It can be a lot for a growing company to handle. Thankfully, there is a solution for this!

Take the Guesswork Out of Your Uniform Program 

Luckily, there is a way to alleviate the pressure of starting or maintaining a uniform program. Accent Branding Solutions is your trusted partner in all things employee uniforms. Our uniform program can save you precious time and money so you can focus on what matters: growing your business. 


Our uniform program will help you manage and fill employee uniform requests. Our online portal makes tracking inventory a breeze. We’ll automatically refill your inventory when it gets low or send you an alert so you can do so manually. We’ll work with you to create a seamless process for you and your employees. 


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