When the Company Merch Program Falls on Your Plate — Get an Online Company Store

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We’ve heard this story time and time again: You were hired for a completely different job description — perhaps as a human resources director, or a sales team manager. As you learn more and more about your responsibilities, you find that the company’s branded merch program and/or uniform program falls on your plate. After sinking your teeth into your new job, you realize that these programs are taking up an outrageous amount of your time. You might even have an admin who is falling behind on “real work” because of these programs. Not only that, you’ve found that there isn’t any kind of system in place. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to get an online company store. Here are some of the benefits you will experience.


You will be afforded the opportunity to focus on the job you were 

Employee Focusing at their job

hired to do.

If you find yourself being distracted from your core duties because someone from the team is in need of branded company merch (or you’re packing and mailing apparel to coworkers at other offices), it’s time to take action. When you have pulled away from your job description, you are in danger of not meeting the expectations that have been set forth by your leadership team. Instead of complaining about it, coming to them with the idea of an online company store will show that you are resourceful and willing to head up some special projects.

Transitioning to a company store online will free up your time so you can get back to your core duties and meet your performance goals. Not only that, but you took the job position you have because you have a passion for it. Make your workplace a fun place to be again by staying focused on your core responsibilities and developing the skills that you’re looking to develop.


Stressing about inventory becomes a thing of the past.

The boxes in your office have been stacking up, and it’s become a mess. You have absolutely no idea what size polos are available, and you didn’t know that the most popular client gift is out of stock. Get rid of the boxes and let a company like Accent Branding manage your inventory for you. Do you feel your shoulders easing in relief? Is the anxiety starting to melt away?

Warehousing, inventory management, ordering, and more are included when you start an online company store with Accent Branding. Not only does your entire company gain access to an easy-to-use online shopping portal for company merch, but you can also say goodbye to being stressed out about inventory. Nobody wants to spend hours digging through boxes, counting swag items, and adding the numbers into a busy, complicated spreadsheet.

It’s incredibly affordable to get your company’s branded merch store rolling, and the time it saves you will be a worthy return on investment for the organization.


Easily create a system around employee allowances to keep things under control.

Online Company Store Dashboarding Showcased on Laptop ScreenWhen there is a room full of merch and there’s no regulation around how much is “too much” – employees will be tempted to go overboard. A simple “employee allowance program” is a great way to remove this issue. Policing the merch program can become a job in and of itself, and the allowance program can be built right into the online company store very easily. When a new employee is hired, you can create and credit their account with the appropriate allowance. They will receive an invitation at their company email address to log on and place their order. Anything over their allowance will be charged to a payment method that they enter (such as a personal credit card).

Stop spending hours playing detective or dealing with merchandise shortages. An employee allowance system built into your online store allows everyone to order what they need when they need it (and there’s a receipt for every transaction).


Handling returns and exchanges are much, much easier. 

When you’re manually running a company merchandise and uniform program, you may find yourself spending more time returning or exchanging items than expected. Maybe the shirts came with an error, and you need to return them for a new order. Perhaps someone needs a different size uniform than they used to, and you have to exchange the products.

As a business leader, you don’t want to spend your time running a stockroom and handling paperwork regarding company materials. You have other responsibilities to attend to! An online company store can remove the hassle and make everything seamless. Best of all, every transaction is tracked, so you never forget where things stand.


Create packaged employee gift boxes and milestone rewards.

Custom Branded Employee Gifts, Calendar, Mousepad, Tumbler, & NotebookAt Accent Branding, we are always helping our customers figure out unique and interesting employee gift ideas. Putting together reward boxes and ideas for new employees, employment milestones (such as five years with the company, ten years with the company, etc.), and holiday gifts can be super time-consuming. When you’re working with a one-stop-shop like Accent Branding, you get the online shopping portal, inventory management, returns and exchanges management, and creative ideation as well. With literally hundreds of thousands of products to explore, you can put it all in our hands. Just remember that not every online company store solution comes with this “personal touch.” Sometimes JUST the shopping portal will be enough, but having a merch partner to help with the other mundane tasks can be a lifesaver.


It’s incredibly affordable to start an online company store at your organization.

Stop letting your productivity get sucked up with tasks that you aren’t excited about. An online company store can wipe out any challenges that you are facing, and it’s all surprisingly affordable! Be sure to contact Accent Branding today for a full, top-to-bottom cost structure. With our 15+ years of experience, we can guide you through the process and build a solid system around your company’s merch and/or uniform program.

If you’d like a demonstration or are ready to get started, contact us today!

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