Increase Employee Engagement & Show Your Thanks with Food

productive employee eating while working display good employee engagement

The best solution to solve low productivity and increase employee engagement is through meaningful employee appreciation gifts such as food.

A fact known throughout the business world is that a happy employee is a productive employee. According to a study conducted by Oxford University, happy workers are 13% more productive at their job.

While 13% doesn’t sound like much, a productive employee can be a huge game-changer for your business as unproductive employees can cost you a large chunk of your bottom line, $16,000/year according to an article from Forbes.

So, a pretty big question emerges, how do you keep employees happy and increase employee engagement? 

The answer is actually quite simple. Reward them with meaningful gifts that show you appreciate their hard work and effort on a daily basis.

Long gone are the days where showing appreciation for your employee only came from their paycheck. Employers need to display their thanks and reward employees for their hard work through employee appreciation gifts. But what kinds of gifts are good to display employee appreciation?


Food Is Here To Save The Day

A great gift to increase happiness and employee engagement would be the classic option of food. As reported, “More than half of people (66%) who say their office has free food or beverages report being ‘extremely or very happy with their current job.’” In other words, food helps increase happiness among employees which in turn increases their engagement and productivity. So what are some good food options to give employees?

Here’s a shortlist with some ideas to get you started:

Employee Appreciation Food Idea #1: S’mores Kit

S'mores Kit




Who doesn’t love s’mores! A s’mores tin kit with all the ingredients will satisfy any of your employees who are huge chocolate lovers. It’s also perfect for the colder winter months as well!



Employee Appreciation Food Idea #2: Fancy Cheeses & Meats



Fancy meats and cheeses are a great snack for the workday — or a perfect appetizer option if some of your employees like to have get-togethers.

Fancy Cheese & Meat Kit

Employee Appreciation Food Idea #3: Immunity Booster Kit

Immunity Booster Kit


No one enjoys getting sick, especially in these times of COVID. Why not show your employees that you care about and appreciate their hard work? An immunity booster kit comes with tea, Emergen-C, and a honey beverage sweetener. This may not be a good employee appreciation gift on its own, but paired with something like a personalized mug can really show your thanks.

Employee Appreciation Food Idea #4: Snack Box


Pretzels? Trail Mix? Granola Bars? Oh my! If you want to send your employees some food that they’ll love to snack on while they work, then look no further. The snack box contains plenty of snack options you’ll find in most offices. So even if your employees are working from home, they’ll still be able to enjoy the snacks of an office.

Snack Box

Employee Appreciation Food Idea #5: A Night In

A Night In Box

Are some of your employees’ homebodies who enjoy cozy nights in? Then a night package might be a great way to say thanks! This tub of chocolate, hot cocoa, pretzels, and more is an excellent gift to reward employees who enjoy staying in and spending a nice relaxing evening at home.

These are just a few of the many different food gifts you can give to your employees. Here at Accent Branding we can easily create one of these food options for you and coordinate the packaging & shipping so they will be sent directly to your employee’s houses. That way you can easily keep your employees happy even if they are working from home.


Request a free food package today and see what you can send your employees to keep them happy!



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