Here’s Why Branding Kits Are a Valuable Asset

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When running any business it’s crucial to maintain a strong brand identity. The colors, fonts, and logos you use should stick with your clientele and remind them of your unique brand. In order to drive your brand identity home, it’s important to be consistent with how you advertise and present as a business. That’s where branding kits come in handy

Branding kits help you and those in charge of your marketing keep track of logo variations, typography, and color palettes. This is a great tool to help you stay consistent in your visual identity. Let’s look a bit deeper into what makes a brand kit so valuable. 

What is a Branding Kit? 

A brand kit is a collection of the various brand elements you use to differentiate your business from others. It’s typically formatted as a folder that contains a visual guide and library of the colors, first and secondary fonts, and logo variations one uses for their branding. Some companies also create a print version to hand out to employees and marketers. 

Whether print or digital, It provides an overview of all the elements that make up the visual appearance of a brand. The digital version will include downloadable files of a brand’s various logo variations. It will likely feature these logos in different file types such as JPEGs and PNGs.  These elements can be used to create brand merchandise, business cards, websites, and more.

The sole purpose of a brand kit is to help a brand remain consistent through its endeavors. They are not to be confused with a brand guideline. This tool provides instructions on how to use logo variations. It includes information such as how much negative spacing a logo needs and which files to use for a given application. A brand kit simply contains the necessary branding tools and information in a centralized location. 

What Can I Expect to See in a Brand Kit? 

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Any piece of information one might need to create content, graphics, merchandise, and more can be found in a brand kit. This information can be displayed in a variety of different formats. Some items you’ll find in a brand kit include… 


Many businesses will select 2 – 3 fonts to use throughout their branding. This typography will likely appear on their website, within their logo, and throughout their digital presence. A brand kit will provide the name of each of these fonts and perhaps a link to their files. It will also include a typed-out alphabet in uppercase and lowercase letters for each font. Some will also display numbers and punctuation too. 

Color Samples and Codes 

A consistent color scheme is a vital part of building brand recognition. A brand kit will feature swatches or shapes filled with a brand color as well as the Hex value, RGB values, and CMYK value. The CMYK values are used for print projects and the RBG values are used for digital. 

Branding Mock-Ups 

It can be helpful to include visual examples of how the logos, colors, and typography look when applied to certain branding items. While not all brand kits include this, mockups can be a helpful way to conceptualize the brand identity and draw inspiration while creating marketing content and merchandise. This kit will display examples such as letterhead, business cards, totes, hats, or any other potential application a company wants to highlight. 

How Are Branding Kits Valuable? 

A lot can get lost in the shuffle while running a business. If you’re not careful, you can easily lose track of important information like what the color values you use are or what font you should use across your marketing materials. A brand kit consolidates and centralizes all the information you will need to stay consistent. 

In order to stay on-brand and build recognition with your clientele, it’s vital to use the same colors, fonts, and logos. This will help you to deliver a consistent message across channels. Cohesive branding is a must when cultivating trust and recognition with your target audience. 

Brand kits will also help your team stay on the same page while marketing your brand. No matter how many hands your branding passes through, you can rest assured that your visual identity remains the same. Having this information in an accessible place will make switching marketing companies or ordering new branding materials a breeze. 

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