From Chaos to Order: The Magic of Managed Uniform Programs

Time and again, startups, growing businesses, and aging corporations alike fall into the same difficulty. Challenges managing uniform inventory and a lack of time to manage employee uniform requests are problems that companies have faced for untold decades. 

There are certainly times when dealing with employee uniforms feels chaotic, which many can attest to and fiercely try to avoid. If this is something you’ve experienced yourself, or if you are in charge of your company’s employee uniforms and strive for streamlined simplicity, then look no further. Bring chaos into order with managed uniform programs with Accent Branding. But what are managed uniform programs, and how will they benefit your workflow? You’ve come to the right place; read on for all you need to know to implement this as soon as possible. 

What is a Managed Uniform Program?

With constantly fluctuating employees (continually coming and going) and a perpetual demand for unique uniform circumstances, companies are always in need of help managing their uniform requests and inventory. Because of this, Accent Branding has been assisting organizations for nearly 20 years with streamlined uniform program management. 

Uniform program management is a fully integrated system where companies of all sectors upload uniform information and outsource their logistical uniform mess into a concise, convenient online portal. All companies have unique uniform needs and processes but managed uniform programs by Accent Branding allow for the most effective and efficient method of getting each employee their particular piece of gear or clothing they need right away. 

All types of employee uniforms, with or without a company logo, can be managed, including: 

  • Scrubs
  • Polos/Dress Shirts
  • T-shirts
  • Sweaters
  • Safety Gear
  • Workwear
  • Outerwear
  • Tactical/Security Gear
  • Hats, Visors, & Other Headwear

When to Use Managed Uniform Programs? 

Managed uniform programs are perfect for companies experiencing difficulty managing uniform inventory, uniform requests, stipends, and payments. We’ve worked with countless organizations scrambling and not succeeding in managing their uniforms – whether it is due to fast growth, insufficient internal staff to help, being overbooked and too busy, or they’re in an industry of high turnover of employees. If you’re in a management position and your company is experiencing any or all of these issues, we recommend contacting us right away to get your uniform program back on track. 

In a similar vein, if your company is new, projected for fast growth, or planning a new employee hiring system, it’s a wise move to establish a managed uniform program before things quickly and chaotically get out of control. 

Benefits of Managed Uniform Programs

There are many benefits to managed uniform programs: 

  • Accessible by any industry 
  • Works with companies of all sizes 
  • Simple and easy for the company to track 
  • Straightforward for employees 
  • Delivers exact type and quantity of uniforms
  • Works with branded and unbranded uniforms 
  • Secure data retention for payments and stipends
  • Transparent for employees and company 
  • More time for internal management to focus on more important duties
  • Orders fulfilled on daily, weekly, or custom cycle 
  • Shipped individually or in batches
  • Automated inventory monitoring and company alerts when more uniforms are needed
  • Improved company morale 

How Does Managed Uniform Programs Work? 

Managed uniform programs are simple and easy for the company as well as the employees needing uniforms. 

  1. Companies design and upload their employee uniform data, collaborating with Accent Branding design and logistic experts. 
  2. Employees log in and complete their order.
  3. Employees pay for their uniforms directly through the site at checkout (by adding their credit card), or they can use allowances as determined by the management of their company. 
  4. Orders are filled on a daily, weekly, or custom basis. 
  5. Items are shipped individually or in batches to save on shipping costs. 
  6. After orders are placed, Accent Branding continues to monitor inventory. If inventory needs to be restocked, Accent Branding will send a custom alert to the internal management at the company so they can take action easily and accordingly. 

Enable Efficiency with Accent Branding 

If you’re worried about your company’s efficiency in getting employees the gear and uniforms they need, the last thing you should be doing is waiting until the challenges get out of hand. Employee and company morale can get devastated when internal operations become chaotic – your people feel mistreated, management becomes stressed, and evermore time is spent on attempting to keep up with a growing backlog. 
Don’t let the difficulty of uniform programs spread through your company; chances are, it will negatively affect your customers and company value in the end. If you’re ready to get your employee uniforms in control, don’t hesitate and contact Accent Branding about our managed uniform programs today!

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