Creating the Perfect Employee Welcome Kit: Making Your Team Members Feel Valued from Day One

Custom Branded backpack, shirt, cup, mouse pad, notebook, calendar, and pen

You want your new employees to feel like they are part of a team. Communication, effort, integrity, and growth into company principles all improve when the workforce feels united under one banner, one message, and one brand. Read on for a guide to creating the perfect employee welcome kit. 

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What is a welcome kit? 

An employee welcome kit, also known as a welcome pack or onboarding package, is a collection of apparel, gifts, and materials that a company provides to new employees to help them feel connected and valued from the very first day. In essence, it’s a way of communicating belief in your new hires, breaking the ice, and helping them feel at home. 

Welcome kits can include practically anything. From food, welcome notes, employee handbooks, company-branded attire, vouchers, and more. They are easy to make and inexpensive, but they go a long way in the impact they bring. 

Why should your company use welcome kits?

You truly have only one chance to make a first impression, and a welcome kit is a great way to start your relationship with your employees on the right foot. Some of the main reasons to use a welcome kit include: 

  • Introduces company culture: The act of giving and a sense of unity are major benefits of a welcome kit, but the actual items you choose to put in the kit can strategically communicate company culture as well. Highlight the values and the message your company stands for by handpicking and curating the perfect kit. 
  • Motivates employees: Welcome kits help new hires feel at home from the first day. When they see that the company is willing to invest in them, it motivates them to return that initial respect with hard work and integrity in turn. 
  • Great first impression: By providing new employees with a considerate and customized welcome kit, they know they are well taken care of by a company that is willing to support them. 

Creating your kit: what to include?

The fun begins when deciding what you think should be included in your company’s welcome kit. No company is the same, each with its own vision, message, and goals, so neither should all welcome kits be the same either. 

Here is a list of the most popular items usually included in a welcome kit, and each can and should be customized to fit your specific company rather than being general and not very special. 

Welcome to the team letter: 

Every good welcome kit should include a personalized letter from the leadership of the company, and especially from the new employee’s manager. This will serve as a warm welcome with a brief message expressing gratitude and optimism at their arrival. This is truly something that will make a first impression, so make it special! 

This can be customized with a company-branded envelope to make it even more unique. 

Employee handbook:

Another essential aspect of the welcome kit is an employee handbook. While the new hire is undoubtedly going to receive training, a personal copy of a handbook that outlines the company policies, culture, and values is certainly a nice thing to have when needed. 

Department and team information:

A new employee will be grateful to get clear and direct information about their team and department, including how to contact others if need be. Being able to communicate with others and ask for help is sure to help your new hire feel secure and safe should they have any problems or questions. 


A company-branded backpack or tote bag is the perfect two-in-one. First, it is a great gift for employees to use during and outside of work while also being the item to hold all the rest of the items in the kit! 

Bags are a versatile item, so when the employee undoubtedly uses the bag outside of work, it continues to act as a marketing tool that allows others to see your brand represented. 

Clothes and attire: 

Clothing and attire are classic choices for welcome kits. Hats, t-shirts, and sweatshirts are versatile, like the bags mentioned above, which are great for employees to wear during work and outside of it. This is a chance to add fun and personality to the kit, and it creates a sense of pride and community among the employees to make them feel at home right away. 

Office supplies: 

Office supplies are a core addition to any welcome kit, but just because it’s a standard doesn’t mean it should be boring! 

The best part about adding supplies such as pens and staplers is that they, too, can be customized to fit your company’s brand while also preparing your new employee for the job itself. 

Tech necessities: 

Depending on the type of job, it is critical to outfit the new employee with the technology they need to get started without any difficulty. Whether it’s a computer, company-branded mouse and keyboard, company-branded charger, or company-branded headphone set, equip your new hire with tools for success. 

Out of the ordinary: 

The perfect welcome kit will take a step beyond the average. Think outside the box! What are some items that are unique and help even more to communicate your company’s values and personality? 

Is it a quirky fanny pack and essential oils? What about department-specific figurines or plush toys? Golf tees, trophies, and turntables? Choose some items that highlight what your company stands for, showing that working for your company is something to be excited about! And, of course, customize each one to your company’s branding. 

Work from home or on the move?

A final consideration for a perfect welcome kit is where and how the new employee will be working. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to work from home – a clever addition to the welcome kit would then be to outfit your employee with a remote-work survival kit. Snacks, a chair pillow, and a jump rope are useful and serve a good laugh. 

On the other hand, if the new employee will be on the move most of the time, consider a travel mug, umbrella, or sunglasses! The more personal you can make the kit according to the employee’s situation, the better. 

Work with the experts at Accent Branding; we are here to help you deliver the perfect employee welcome kit that will have your new hire feeling at home on day one. Contact our team today with questions or to get started!

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