Best Types of Uniforms for Food Service Workers in 2023

Best Types of Uniforms for Food Service Workers in 2023 | Accent Branding

Employee uniforms have become a staple of the food service industry. Choosing the right one has never been so important when it comes to representing your company while developing a better relationship between both your employees and customers. Read on to learn about the best uniform types for food service workers in 2023. 

Why the Right Uniform Matters 

As a business owner or manager, it is critical to know why the right uniform matters before investing your money. When you know why they matter, it’s easier to understand why the best types of uniforms are indeed the best. 

Great uniforms create incredible value for your business. You will be investing in: 

  • Morale for your employees, giving them a sense of belonging and identity. 
  • Professionalism, seen through your employees by your customers. 
  • Safety through the right types of materials and design choices. 
  • Teamwork and productivity. 
  • Customer satisfaction (helping them know who can help). 
  • Employee satisfaction, saving them money on buying clothes for work. 
  • Advertising and promoting company values through messaging, promotions, and events incorporated into branding. 

Tops are the most common place on a uniform to incorporate branding and messaging, so be sure to communicate your interest here when working with uniform design specialists. 

Function and Fashion

The best uniforms for food service workers are all about function and fashion. Regarding fashion, your uniform will help to set the atmospheric mood of your establishment through a great first impression in style and color. Bright, eye-catching tops might be jarring in an environment where you’re trying to cultivate relaxation and luxury but will succeed when you want to bring attention to fast-paced fun and buzz. Black or dark clothes can convey sophistication while covering up any messes accrued throughout the workday. 

Some of the most popular types of uniforms include: 


A classic uniform is timeless and traditional. It typically includes a black and white color scheme featuring a collared shirt and tie/ bowtie. 


Contemporary uniforms are a modern take on the traditional. This style often has minimalist design and colors with tailored shirts and matching pants. 


The casual style is perfect for establishments wanting a relaxed and comfortable mood. Polo shirts, khaki, and denim are common aspects of this type of uniform and work great for outdoor dining. 

HACCP-Compliant Uniforms

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) can be an incredibly important addition to uniforms, fostering safety and function, especially for workers that are in direct contact with food. It is a preventative approach to food safety that aims to prevent health hazards from developing in the first place. The best types of uniforms for food service workers in 2023 incorporate some form of HACCP protection. 

Uniforms that are HAACP compliant will have both durable fabrics as well as limited pockets and buttons. Uniforms must be washed often; therefore, it is critical that they have durable fabrics that can withstand hundreds of wash cycles without deteriorating over time. Deteriorating fabric and cheap labeling can release small or even microscopic materials into the food. 

The best types of uniforms (once again, especially for workers directly in contact with the food, such as cooks and chefs) will not have pockets and buttons above the waist. Pockets and buttons have an increased likelihood of trapping bacteria and other contaminants in hard-to-reach areas, and buttons themselves have a chance of falling off the uniform and into the food. In some regions, pockets above the waist are actually forbidden – it is good to check your local regulations before investing in uniforms for your workers. 

To meet requirements for hygiene, the best types of uniforms utilize high-quality polyester and cotton with special finishes to absorb moisture and odors. Check to see if the uniform is HACCP-compliant before investing. 

Completing the Uniform 

The best uniforms for food service workers will incorporate certain guidelines around footwear. The perfectly put-together uniform can be ruined with tacky or non-matching shoes. Some industries will actually require certain grips and strength of employee shoes (be sure to check with OSHA if this applies to you), but at the very least, a dress code around color and style should be implemented into the uniform. 

Contact the Experts

Creating and implementing a uniform for your food service business can be complicated and time-consuming. Save time, money, and resources by contacting the experts at Accent Branding Solutions today! We can help deliver a uniform program management system, brand management, employee kits, and personalized branded products and apparel.

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