Benefits of Offering Free Logo Apparel 

hats with logos on them

You likely worked really hard to hone in on the perfect color scheme and logo for your business. This vital piece of your company identity should be a great source of pride for you and your employee. One way to show off your company identity is to offer free logo apparel. Here are just a few reasons why you should. 

It’s a Low-Cost Investment 

Free logo apparel is a modest investment for the benefits it can provide. Whether you’re offering hats, water bottles, t-shirts, or something else, you can easily purchase your apparel in bulk at a reasonable price. The improvement in your brand awareness and increase in employee morale is well worth the cost!  

Accent Branding has you covered when it comes to logo apparel! Browse our wide array of promotional products and you’re sure to find the perfect apparel for your company! 

Your Customers Will Take Note 

Your logo is a subtle yet powerful calling card for your business. It allows you to casually promote your company without being too invasive. Every time a would-be customer sees your logo, you make an impression on them. The more your brand pops up around them, the more likely they are to remember your company.  

This is a mission your employees can help you achieve even off the clock. If you offer them a comfortable, flattering quarter zip with your logo on it, they will likely wear that even when they’re not working. They can then spread the word to potential customers and keep your brand fresh in your community’s mind. 

Offers a Unified, Consistent Look  

Maintaining a strong brand presence is key in building a serious, respectable business. Consistency helps your customer remember who you are. The average consumer is bombarded with messaging from countless companies day in and day out. If you aren’t easily recognizable, you can get lost in the shuffle. 

When your logo and colors are visible not only on your website and brick and mortar location but also the free apparel you give to employees and customers, you come across as far more professional and trustworthy. When a customer sees you and your employees sporting your gear, they will know you’re serious about your business. 

It Can Foster Camaraderie Within Your Team

Your team is the heart and soul of your business. It’s vital to remind them that they are valued. Free logo apparel can be the ideal way to display that. Some companies may think that their employees would be willing to purchase apparel. In some cases that might be true. But unless you’re a prolific brand like Harley Davidson or Nike, you shouldn’t bank on that. 

Offering free logo apparel will give your team a sense of camaraderie that can help boost productivity and keep spirits high in the workplace. It can also help keep your employees focused on doing the best work possible. Free apparel can be a means to creating strong focus and collective motivation to make your company great. 

You Can Use it for Customer Giveaways 

Customers love free brand apparel too! It isn’t always possible to give all your customers free gifts. But there is a way to offer it to some customers while spreading brand awareness. 

Giveaways are a perfect way to engage your customers while also marketing yourself to a wider audience. There are tons of models on how to conduct a giveaway. Here are a couple of options: 

  • When a loyal customer spends more than a given amount on an order, send them a piece of free logo apparel. 
  • Gift apparel to the first 100 (or whatever number you would like to set) customers who place an order in a given month. 
  • Have customers submit their email as an entry for a drawing to win a free logo apparel product.
  • Encourage customers to share a Facebook post, like an Instagram post, or tag a friend as an entry to win free apparel. 


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