Uniform Program Management

Fully Managed Employee Uniform Program For Easy Online Ordering, Self-Management, & Time Savings


Managing an employee uniform program is a task that’s never spelled out in your job description. Its usually added onto the pile of tasks and projects sitting on your desk gathering dust.

You don’t need more time taken away from your important responsibilities by monitoring uniform inventory levels, scheduling & tracking orders for new shipments, and dealing with employees who need emergency uniforms. 

This is where Accent Branding comes in –>

Accent Branding has been specializing in uniform program management for 15 years and can save your time by managing your employee uniform program.

Uniform Inventory Management

We’ll store your uniforms in our climate-controlled warehouse and keep track of inventory for you. Alerts will be sent out when your stock is getting low and its time to re-up on some more uniforms.

Easy Online Ordering

Easily order new uniforms through our online store. You can customize orders to fit your needs; such as how many uniforms to order, when you’d like them delivered, & where you need them delivered.

Employee Allowance Program

Easily set up a uniform allowance for your employees so they can order replacements whenever needed.

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